William Hutton Prize 2018

William Hutton Prize 2018

The William Hutton Prize is an annual cash prize provided by The Law Society to a person within either the Tees Valley Law Society or The Sunderland Law Society constituencies.

The prize has not been awarded for a number of years as the eligibility criteria was outdated and no longer relevant. In recent years the criteria has been amended and as such, it is intended that the award this year shall be presented to the winner at The Sunderland Law Society annual Dinner on 16th November 2018.


This award is open to any person studying the LPC at Northumbria University or another institution in the North East region of England or who have secured or are undertaking a training contract with a legal practice in the constituency of either Tees Valley Law Society or The Sunderland Law Society as The Law Society sees fit.

Entries must demonstrate evidence of the following

(500 words max per section)

  1. Excellent legal skills;
  2. Significant development during training (this covers training contract period and any previous paralegal experience);
  3. Client service skills;
  4. Initiative; and
  5. Contribution to the business.

Please add a brief biography for the nominee/organisation outlining their past experience and any relevant qualifications (additional 500 words).

Closing date for application is strictly on or before 2nd November 2018.

Applications should be forwarded to either admin@tvls.org.uk, or george.tilley@sherwood-smithtilleyandco.co.uk.