The Law affects, guards and protects every man and woman, and we are the custodians of the Law

David Simon LL.B, former TVLS Council Member

The Tees Valley Law Society was established over 140 years ago, albeit under the mantle of The Durham and North Yorkshire Law Society, and from then until now it has existed to provide fellowship and support to solicitors and legal practitioners within our region, of all ages and levels of experience.

As with any voluntary organisation, TVLS relies on the support of volunteers and members in order to continue its work. Becoming a member is simple and inexpensive (and is free for trainees), so please join us and hundreds of other legal professionals in the region.

The Society is operated via the TVLS Council, which holds meetings about 6 times a year to discuss matters of importance to our Society and membership. We hold an AGM around June each year, where members can be nominated to the Council and senior positions.

The society holds events - social and educational - throughout the year, information on which can always be found on this website. We also report on local and national news of interest to the legal professions. We are proud to support the valuable work of our members and the legal profession locally.