Punch Robson Solicitors Now Dementia Friendly

Punch Robson Solicitors Now Dementia Friendly

Punch Robson Solicitors have announced their pride at having been awarded Dementia Friendly status at a ceremony presided over by Iris Jenkins and Brian Rowcroft of Dementia Friendly Middlesbrough. A statement from Punch Robson highlights that...

The award reflects the good work being done at the firm to ensure that those suffering from dementia are able to access services in the community for as long as possible.

Achieving Dementia Friendly status is no cakewalk, involving a full review of all offices and procedures, and specific training being delivered to staff. Other Middlesbrough services to also have achieved Dementia Friendly status include Barclays, Boots and Specsavers.

In Punch Robson’s case, credit for the push to achieve Dementia Friendly status goes to Rachael Hart, a Mental Health solicitor at the firm, who regularly works with clients who have dementia and has a strong desire to support these clients through her own experiences of the disease affecting a close family member. In a statement from Punch Robson, Rachael says:

I think it’s really important for firms to recognise and meet the requirements of their vulnerable customers. It can be a relief for carers to see the ‘Dementia Friendly’ logo and know that the staff have awareness of the disease and are suitably equipped to deliver services to people with dementia. It’s about finding other ways to help them, whether that means asking them to write things down, or attending a hearing on their behalf.

In addition to becoming a Dementia Friend, Rachael is hoping to join colleague and TVLS Council member, Leah Keating (Solicitor, Wills & Probate), in becoming a Dementia Champion. She said:

It will enable me to deliver talks about dementia and to train others to become Dementia Friendly. It will be great for raising awareness and ensuring that people will dementia can easily access the services they need.