Law Society Governance Update

Law Society Governance Update

The Law Society of England and Wales is making progress on its Governance Review, having set up a time-limited Implementation Board. The Board will settle an appropriate structure of sub-boards, sub-committees and committees, along with terms of reference for each.

The Law Society Council will consider proposals this month, and if approved the Implementation Board and the current Board and committee structure will cease by February 2018, and new governance arrangements will then be in place.

The new governance arrangements will focus on horizon scanning, policy, strategic direction, and oversight of delivery. Four emerging key themes of work for next year will be:

  • Brexit
  • education
  • communicating more effectively
  • business transformation

Paul Tennent, the Interim CEO of the Law Society, will remain in post during this period.

More news on the review of the role of LS Council will follow as it becomes available. If you wish to comment on the review then the Law Society would like to hear from you at