Dealing With Domestic Abuse During The COVID-19 Pandemic
6 May 2021

Dealing With Domestic Abuse During The COVID-19 Pandemic

James White, a barrister with Fountain Chambers, will present a session on the challenges of protecting victims of domestic abuse during the pandemic and the legal safeguards in place. COVID-19 has created a frightening dynamic for domestic abuse victims who have found themselves locked down with their aggressors. Mr White will cover the use of non-molestation orders to protect the vulnerable and the court’s flexibility to still protect those in need. As well as providing advice to family law practitioners on the need to act expediently in circumstances where a non-molestation order may be required.

This session will be of particular use to those practising in the family law sphere, those interested in a career in family law. And for those who find domestic issues influence or impact on their area of work.

The event is being held remotely via Zoom, so attendees can attend from wherever they wish – subject to having internet access. There will be no physical meeting.

The event is free and will start at 17.30 on Thursday 6 May 2021. We expect it will last 45 – 60 mins, and there will be ample opportunity for questions.

Please contact us if you wish to attend, and we will forward you the Zoom meeting details.